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Mind Reader Mark Cairns to Perform for Y13

 A real treat has been organised for Year 13 students on their final day at Stamford School in May: a visit by Mind Reader and Psychological Magician, Mark Cairns.

Originally from New Zealand, Mark Cairns has been performing professional magic for ten years and in that time has quickly established himself among the top professional magicians in the UK. Mark is a psychological mind reader, who astonishes audiences with a sophisticated mind reading act that breaks the ice, and gets guests laughing and talking.

Mark Cairns performs primarily as a psychological entertainer (in other words, what is more traditionally called a mind reader or a mentalist). Working close up with guests, he puts on a show designed to appeal to sophisticated and intelligent audiences. The key thing that Mark brings is a relaxed sense of fun - the emphasis is not on "fooling" or embarrassing people but, instead, on ensuring that guests have a good time while being left intrigued and astonished by the mind reader's demonstrations.

Mark doesn't claim to be psychic - his skills as a mind reader are based on an exciting combination of learned techniques, his extensive experience in applying them, and on the natural intuition that we all possess to a greater or lesser extent.

Find out more about Mark from his website: