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Rewarding but bruising tour

Dramatic scenes on and off the pitch!Rewarding but bruising tour

Stamford School returned battered and bruised from the challenges of touring South Africa this summer. Like the British Lions the boys can testify that the home of the World Champions is still one of the toughest tests in sport at any level.

This was the first time that the school took three senior sides on tour, competing in 18 matches overall. The school won 7, drew 1 and of the remaining losses, five were by 2 points or less. Some tough rugby but only one concussion and one set of crutches - a new school record!

Playing awards were made to: David Carter, Jo Harrap, Jack Enright, Rob Burghley, Charlie Mays and Ross Cutteridge.

Off the pitch the Rainbow Nation provided its usual wonderful memories including whale watching, caving and safari. The boys were able to get a true flavour of the history having visited Robben Island and the Apartheid Museum.

There were run ins with swarms of jellyfish, baboons raiding hotel rooms and a prefect nearly ending up in the belly of a lion! Best of all, the boys were able to visit the Township of Langa where they played in 2005. Fund raising for the tours, the school has donated over £2,000 to this township, increasing the educational provision for the children.

Stamford School also raised funds for playing fields for an inner city school where rugby is being used successfully to keep young boys out of the Cape Town gang culture.

Director of Sport David Laventure added: “The tour was a great success. The boys certainly learned a thing or two about contact! It’s an amazing country with a unique history that is making huge strides forward. I am really happy that the boys have taken a great deal from South Africa, but have more importantly put something back, helping those who need it the most.”