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Year 6 take a trip back to Victorian England


 Holdenby house As part of their history studies, Year 6 pupils took a trip to Holdenby House in Northampton and learnt about the realities of life in a Victorian household. Holdenby House has won numerous awards for their living history projects, where staff and pupils are “in character” for a range of hands-on activities.

The children’s first experience of a typical Victorian day was being put into lines by the very strict household staff, including Mrs Bumbridge, the housekeeper. The children then had to pretend that they were being assessed for a potential job within the household. They were given a variety of jobs to try out, including beating carpets, polishing saddles and making beds.

The highlight of the day for the children was when they were presented to the lady of the house and performed some songs and dances for her entertainment.