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Year 1 pupils put on a Royal Show!

Junior School, Kings and Queens DayYear 1 pupils at Stamford Junior School have ended their term regally with a Kings and Queens day. The children have been learning about castles during the summer term and this themed day drew the topic to a perfect close.

The children and staff all dressed up as either Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses or Knights and began the day by greeting each other as they would in medieval times. The children learnt about the characteristics of chivalry before choosing from a wide range of themed activities. The activities included making crowns, playing the medieval game of 9 Men’s Merrill, writing out invitations and letters to the Kings and Queens, hunting for gold coins and decorating their own castles. The children also danced to some medieval music and made up their own dances too. 

Gaynor Mullock, Teacher at Stamford Junior School, said “The children all thoroughly enjoyed their day especially dressing up as medieval royalty!”