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Friends of Chernobyl’s Children Visit

 Friends of Chernobyls ChildrenStamford School had the pleasure of hosting nine Belorussian boys as the Friends of Chernobyl’s Children started their annual summer visit. The FOCC bring children from Belarus to the UK for four weeks every summer. This respite helps the children’s immune systems to strengthen, making them at less risk from cancers and other Chernobyl associated illnesses.

After another successful year raising money for the charity, the visit was especially significant for Stamford School as their fundraising efforts have helped to bring a new child, Danik, to the UK for the first time. There have been readathons, non-uniform days and clothes collections, all of which have been actively supported by the students. The hard work has eventually paid off, and the students were delighted to receive the FOCC children at the school where they took part in a range of activities, including swimming at the new Sports Centre.

Helen Chew, charity co-ordinator at Stamford School, said “We loved having the children visit and seeing their enthusiasm as they threw themselves into all the activities offered."

Cecilia Hammond, Group Co-ordinator of Helpston FOCC, said “The Stamford Endowed Schools have been absolutely wonderful, helping us to raise money to provide respite for the children.  Without this support, Friends of Chernobyl’s Children would not have been able to help so many children this summer. I know that the children all join me in saying a very big thank you to everyone at Stamford School for putting on such a fantastic day.”