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SES Expedition in Patagonia

Trekking Cerro Castillo Fifty six students and staff from the Stamford Endowed Schools are currently enjoying a thirty day expedition with the Mountain Training School in Patagonia. The SES adventurers have swapped their normal summer holidays for the ice caps of Patagonia where they are being pushed to their limits out in the wilderness.

The expedition is split into three main stages; a ten day traverse of the Cerro Castillo mountain range, ten days kayaking Canal Puyuhuapi, and community work in a remote village to encourage cultural interaction. The students are split into different groups to complete each of the activities.

On their arrival in Santiago, after an exhausting twenty seven hour journey from Stamford, the students were put into their new teams. As an ‘ice breaker’ activity they were tasked with taking photos of random things in Santiago, such as hugging a police officer and shining someone’s shoes! You can see some of the photos on the MTS blog:

After settling into their new environment there was no time for relaxation as the expeditions got underway. Three groups started their adventure trekking through Castillo while the remaining group began kayaking. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their first expedition. The kayakers saw orcas, penguins, and enjoyed some of the best kayaking in the Pacific, whilst the trekkers experienced stunning scenery and battled against the snow (it took them eight hours to move ten kilometres!)

On successful completion of the first part of the expedition, two teams have now started the residential project. You can see the first highlight of the project in the video here, where SES takes ‘Dancing in the Streets’ to a whole new level.