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National Competitions for SJS Figure Skater!

Year 4 Junior School pupil, Sloane Matthews, has achieved some outstanding results at national figure skating competitions over the last six months. She entered three competitions across the country and achieved two 1st place trophies and one 2nd place trophy.

The main figure skating organization in the UK is called National Ice Skating Association (NISA).  NISA has two programs, Skate UK and Skate UK Star, which progress a skater into competitive skating.  Sloane passed quickly through these two programs and now skates competitively at the national level.  At each level, the skater is required to perform progressively harder field moves, jumps and spins.  Last week, Sloane passed all her Level III tests!

Sloane currently skates four times a week at Planet Ice in Peterborough, and she is lucky enough to be coached by two accomplished skaters, Kelly Hemingway and Neil Chilcott. Sloane is really passionate about figure skating and it has been her determination for the sport that has helped her to achieve these exceptional results.  

With Sloane now progressing to Level III skating she will be competing against skaters up to age 16. We all wish her the best of luck in her upcoming competition where she will be skating to a Charlie Chaplin themed program.