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Friends of Chernobyl’s Children Report back to SHS

 After sponsoring a child from Belarus to visit the UK this summer, Stamford High School have had a report back from Anya’s host family about her experiences as well as learning more about how crucial this respite is.

Anya lives in the Krasnapolie, an area of Belarus heavily contaminated by the Chernobyl Disaster. As a result Anya is at particular risk from Chernobyl Cancers. It is thought that for every four weeks respite in the UK, Anya will become less vulnerable to a range of health problems, adding to her life expectancy.

Anya took part in a range of activities that she wouldn’t normally be able to experience during her time with FOCC Helpston. She went on a boat trip to see the seals, held the Olympic torch at a local school, and enjoyed lots of swimming. She returned home to Belarus with a huge bag of clothing and vitamins for her family, seeds to grow vegetables to provide food for the winter, school equipment, food and toys.

Cecilia Hammond, Group Co-ordinator of Helpston FOCC, said “I would like to thank Stamford High School for giving Anya this wonderful opportunity to improve her health. The four weeks respite that she receives in England will help to restore her immune system and give her a greater chance of remaining healthy.”