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Green Week 1st-5th March 2010

Stamford Endowed Schools' Green Week

Between 1st-5th March, the Stamford Endowed Schools will be celebrating 'Green Week' with a number of activities promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

These will be held across the Stamford School, Stamford High School and Stamford Junior School, along with other schools in the town. The aim of the project is to promote greener thinking across the student community, with the ultimate goal of reducing our carbon footprint and promoting recycling.

There will be many different activities going on throughout the week, which students are encouraged to participate in; these include rubbish displays, a staff/student debate, green fairs, a water usage display and talks. Some shocking statistics should also spur the students along. Two events which all the students will be involved in are the ‘clean plate day’, in which students will be encouraged to mop up every last crumb on their plate. Successful completion will result in a reward. The second is ‘dark day’, which will be an attempt to run the school on as little power as possible. Further details of the weekly programme can be seen on the website.

The following video has been produced to illustrate the Schools' environmental impact so that we can strive to be ever-more green friendly.

The initiative is aimed to get students thinking, and by the end of the week, they should have a clear idea of the things they should be doing to help the environment, not just in school but at home too.