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SES Foundation Lecture delivered by Dr Nick Baylis

 Dr Nick Baylis On 27 September Dr Nick Baylis (a Cambridge-based Well-Being Psychologist) delivered two Foundation Lectures at the Stamford Endowed Schools. The first one to 400 sixth formers in the afternoon and the other to 250 parents, pupils and other guests in the evening.

Dr Baylis talked about having the skill and the will to deal well with life’s intensities (he referred to them as ‘Hot Iron Moments’) because it’s during those moments that we can transform most dramatically. His main messages included:Try to push beyond what you can already do and don’t choose the easy route. Relaxation will help everything in life to go better. And life is what happens to you; whereas living is what you do about it. The evening was concluded with a vote of thanks from SES sixth former Beth Croak.

Will Phelan, Stamford School Headmaster, said “The Foundation Lectures are aimed at students, parents, staff and other members of our community and we hope that they will prompt discussion and debate both in the classroom and at home. Dr Baylis has given our audiences new perspectives and ideas to work with.  He has taught us some simple concepts that can make a difference to our well-being.  When life throws you eggs….make an omelette!”