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Top Gun at Beckingham's Shooting Range

 Hetty minternAs part of the CCF Field Day, the Army Section went to the Ministry of Defence's ranges at Beckingham, near Newark. The Year 11 cadets undertook shooting at 100m to familiarise themselves with the cadet rifle and practise their marksmanship principles, which is part of their Advanced Army Proficiency Certificate.

Hetty Mintern, Year 13 and Head of the Army section, was the last shot of the day. She didn’t fail to impress with the best shot of the day that had a grouping of 90mm. She won a shield for her efforts and was named the ‘Top Gun.’

Rupert Dexter, History Teacher and Stamford School and Cadet Officer, said “We rarely get a chance to shoot at this distance (100m) using the Cadet Rifle, so the cadets had a brilliant day.”