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CCF Field Day at RAF Coningsby

 RAF Coningsby The RAF Section of the Stamford Endowed Schools CCF enjoyed an outstanding Field Day at RAF Coningsby. The base is the major Typhoon hub for the RAF, where three squadrons are based, including the Quick Reaction Alert for the South of the UK.

Cadets were reminded of the great history and legacy of the RAF by visiting the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and having an excellent guided tour of the main hangar, where the individual history of the Spitfires, Hurricane, Dakota and Lancaster aircraft were explained. Cadets were humbled hearing the stories of Bomber, Fighter and Transport Command in World War Two, and several had personal connections with family members having flown these aircraft.

The second half of the day was visiting 29(R) Squadron were cadets had highly informative tours of the RAF's newest and most capable offensive aircraft, and presentations on the capabilities of the Typhoon by pilots from the squadron.

Richard Brewster, Head of the RAF section of the CCF, said “The cadets couldn’t help being inspired by the experience, and we returned to school with numerous aspiring aircrew dreaming of communicating with MiG's.”