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Y1 Experience Victorian Day

junior school victorian day Y1 pupils at Stamford Junior School enjoyed a day dressed up as Victorians at the Stibbington Centre whilst they learnt about what life was like in this period. The children adopted the names of Victorian children that had lived in Stibbington so that they could get into character for the day. The highlight of the trip was the Victorian classroom experience where the children used slates and ink pens and learnt how strict Victorian teachers were.

After experiencing a Victorian day in Stibbington, the Y1 pupils then brought Victorian life back to SJS. The normal bright classrooms were transformed as the desks were put into rows, and the interactive white boards were replaced by a blackboard with chalk! After a day of lessons in the Victorian style classroom, the children washed their hands in bowls with sulphur soap. The day came to a close with everyone making peppermint creams and realising how we take modern things for granted.