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Head Girl Goes Back to School

Harriet Alexander-Orr (Head Girl from 1999-2000) returned to the High School to talk to pupils about her career as a journalist. Harriet, who studied Politics at University, first worked for Hello magazine and is now a Foreign Affairs reporter for the Sunday Telegraph.

The students were fascinated as she talked about some of the stories she has covered, including:  an interview with Marisol Valles (a 20yr old student hailed as “Mexico’s bravest women” after she agreed to take on the role of Chief of Police to combat the drug barons in her home town), and the shootings in Annecy and an interview with Carlos Slim (the world’s richest man).

Harriet spoke about the importance of experiences such as working on school and university magazines and relevant work experience and internships, in order to break into the competitive world of journalism. A keen linguist herself (she speaks both Spanish and French), she advised the pupils to carry on with their study of languages if (in Harriet’s words): “You want to be the person that springs to mind when the editor has to send someone to cover breaking news and doesn’t have time, or funds, to sort out an interpreter”.