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Stamford High School Pupil Dances Her Way to Victory

 Stamford High School pupil, Isabelle Naylor (Year 9), won the inter-novice modern section of the Coalhill Dance competition. The Coalhill competition takes place in Leicester annually over four weekends in November. This was the first competition that Isabelle has entered and she went on to defeat 12 competitors to win the modern dance 12-15 year old section.

Isabelle has been dancing at the Welland School of Dance (WSD) in Stamford from a young age and she now practises tap, modern and ballet five times a week. Only a handful of pupils at WSD have been asked to compete in dance competitions as they need to be of an exceptionally high standard.

Amy Kendrick, Isabelle’s Dance Teacher at WSD said, “Isabelle is Grade 6 in Modern and shows potential for a great future in dance. She is hard working, determined and performs her heart out.”

Isabelle is using her experiences in regional competitions to prepare for the prestigious Janet Cram national competition next summer.