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Pupils are put on trial at the Galleries of Justice

 Galleries of JusticeStamford Junior School Y4-6 visited the Galleries of Justice and the City Caves in Nottingham. The children enjoyed an actor led tour of the museum and learnt about England’s history of crime and punishment.

The day began with the children being ‘sent down’ by the Sherriff of Nottingham after a trial in the court room. Then, they went on to explore the lower levels of prison life and were guided by a ‘gaoler.’ The cells were realistically set to represent conditions which dated as far back as the 14th Century.

In the afternoon, an archaeologist guided the children through the City of Caves beneath the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. There were 500 caves which have been used for many purposes such as; a medieval tannery, cellars, secret meeting places and to provide shelter from the bombing during the war.

Michelle Hewett, Teacher at the Junior School said: “The children had a great day and have said that they would like to go back again as they wanted more time!”