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Afternoon of “Viking Gold” with Victoria Campbell

 Victoria Campbell, history and law graduate from Glasgow University, ex-solicitor and now children’s author, visited Stamford High School to talk about her debut novel “Viking Gold”. 

As a result of funds donated by the Parents’ Association, all the Year 7 students were able to hear how much Victoria had discovered about the Vikings while carrying out research for her novel.  She brought with her a replica sword, an axe and a helmet, which one enthusiastic student volunteered to model. 

Amber Anderson, Year 7 said: “I was surprised to hear that the Vikings didn’t have horns on their helmets.”

Victoria shared tea and cakes with members of the Book Group after school in the library. Students from Year 7-10 were keen to discuss aspects of the novel.  Several were interested to hear that details of the illuminated manuscript mentioned in “Viking Gold” were based on a genuine document written by a seafaring Irish monk.

The students are eagerly awaiting the next novel in the series.