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Entrance Examination and Assessment Day Information

Information about the Stamford High School and Stamford School Entrance Examinations, and Stamford Junior School Assessment Day, for prospective pupils on Saturday 19th January

The weather forecast for Friday and Saturday is poor and this may disrupt travel on Saturday morning when the Entrance Exam/Assessment Day is held. The Entrance Exam and Assessment Day will go ahead, so if you can safely get to Stamford then the arrangements will remain unaltered. We would ask that parents make every effort to ensure their child attends on Saturday, if at all possible. The Schools will be open and staff here to welcome you.

However, if travel is difficult or risky, then please do contact Stamford Junior School on 01780 484400, Stamford High School on 01780 484200 and Stamford School on 01780 750301. These numbers will be available from 8am. Should your son or daughter be unable to take the examination for this reason, we will ensure that this will be made possible next week and will be in contact with you as soon as possible. In the case of the Junior School, an alternative Assessment Day will be made by arrangement.

We emphasise that if you are unable to travel to Stamford on Saturday then this will, in no way, affect your son or daughter’s chances of a place at the Schools. If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions’ staff on 01780 484200 or 484242 at Stamford High School, 01780 750301 at Stamford School, or 01780 484400 at Stamford Junior School.