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SJS ‘Take Off with Science’

 SJS Red Arrows Stamford Junior School pupils have enjoyed a week celebrating the marvels of science through a variety of different activities.

Mr Brewster helped to launch the ‘Take Off with Science’ week as he talked to the pupils about the opportunities in the RAF division of CCF at the senior schools. Following on from this, every child took part in activities to help them experience the forces behind the principles of flight.

Midweek, Nick Williams, gave a visual presentation about bird-flight, and several parents visited to teach about aeroplane flight and the Red Arrows. As well as a full week of extra physics, the children have reflected on the wonder of being able to fly and those inventors throughout history who have made it possible.

Mrs Britton, Teacher at Stamford Junior School, said “It was a wonderful week as all the children explored the same science topic together, from the four-year olds to the 11-year olds. Many people from across and beyond our school have come together to promote science in an exciting and memorable way.”