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Chocolate Enterprise Afternoon

Chocolate Enterprise  Stamford School Year 9 pupils put on their business hats and spent an afternoon setting up their own chocolate company. The aim of the ‘Chocolate Enterprise’ project, organised by The Inspiring Futures Foundation (ISCO), is to develop employability skills in a fun and interactive session.

The boys were split into groups of 5/6 and assigned their roles as; Managing Director, Financial Director, Marketing and Sales Manager, Brand and Advertising Manager and Buying Manager. The groups were then asked to decide on a company name and think about the packaging and advertising of their chocolates.

At the end of the session each group presented their packaged chocolates and explained the role of each member of their team. The winning company was ‘Creamy Dream’ which included; Charles Worrall, Rory Russell, Oliver Seeger, Maxim Makerov, Ollie Plant and Eliot Siggs.