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SES Presents an Evening of Unintentional Comedy

 From the 20th – 23rd March, SES pupils will be performing four independent comedy plays all in one show. “Four in one” is a triumph of ‘coarse acting’ – where an actor can remember their lines, but not the order in which they come. The actor’s aim is to upstage the rest of the cast and his problems are everyone else connected with the production.

- In “A Fish in Her Kettle” the cast find themselves trapped on stage when a door without a handle jams.

- In "The Cherry Sisters" It is the lisp of one of the sisters, and a leaking samovar which causes the actors, in vain attempts to stop the drip, to leave the stage so that their fellow actors are left speaking to empty divans.

- In "Pride at Southanger Park" The music is too loud to hear the actors leading to a variety of hilarious consequences; actors forgetting about a prop – a stuffed dog; an actor is reading from the script; and an actor who answers his cell phone while on stage.

- In "Present Slaughter", the leading man, coping with a hand bleeding from a wound inflicted by a deadly prop, in the form of a martini glass, keels over and needs resuscitating.

“Four-in-One” will be held at Stamford High School in the Birbeck Studio from 7.45pm.

Just £7.50 added to the bill will secure a place. Please fill in the form below and ensure your daughter/son returns it to their form tutor.

Please note: these performances are only suitable for pupils above the age of 11. (Parental discretion)