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Accelerated Reading Success

 George Hooper, Barnaby Shand, Fergus Cato, Jessica Hindmarch and Carid Austin are just a few of the pupils in Year 6 who have read over half a million words in their reading books since January.

Reading for pleasure in Stamford Junior School is one of the most popular pastimes since the introduction of the Accelerated Reading program. Fergus Cato and George Hooper were the proud winners from 6W who won the opportunity to have tea and biscuits with the Head of Stamford Junior School, Mrs Smith. 

They won this privilege as they had both exceeded their Accelerated Reading targets by a large percentage. Both boys love reading and have read more than 30 books between them since January.

All the pupils have their reading targets and are now looking forward to all of the rewards that they can earn for reading regularly and taking quizzes.