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Veggie Cook-Off Competition

 Twenty four Stamford High School girls took part in a veggie cook-off competition where they were challenged to produce a meat, fish and nut-free main course. The competition was run to raise awareness of the annual green week at Stamford High School with the winning dish to be incorporated into the school canteen on “Meat-Free Monday,” 11th March.

The girls spent 90 minutes preparing, cooking and presenting a range of delicious vegetarian meals which were judged by the Head Chef at Stamford High School, Andy Lambley. The winners of the competition were Jemima Leedham and Lydia Frost (both Y8) for their Pea and Potato Curry, Raita and Pilau Rice; and Sofia Palmer and Georgina Talukdar  (both Y7) for their Spring Rolls, Stir Fry and Noodles.

Andy Lambley said: “I was extremely impressed with all of the dishes. The girls showed pride in their presentation and the winning dishes had an excellent balance of flavours. We are looking forward to incorporating them into our school meals on Meat-Free Monday.”