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SJS show their support for Sarah Outen

 Inspired by Sarah Outen’s recent visit to Stamford Junior School, the pupils took part in a themed weekend to raise funds and support for Sarah before the restart of her London2London solo adventure. 

During the weekend, the pupils took part in a range of activities with Sarah’s expedition as the main focus. They used Sarah’s favourite chocolate bar to make delicious ‘Mars Bar’ which were then sold to raise money for Sarah’s charities. The pupils also showed their support by singing a song urging Sarah to come back safely from her next adventure.  The song has been recorded and the CD is being sent to her in Japan.

The children also came up with some assignments that they want Sarah to carry out whilst she is on her journey.  For instance, they have asked that she should photograph herself with a mousse when she arrives on Vancouver Island!  Sarah loves to receive these types of challenges.

In order to experience some of the hard work that Sarah faces when she is away on her arduous expeditions, the children also did lots of kayaking, swimming and circuit training.

Stamford Junior School Teacher, Jacqueline Wells, said: “Everyone had a great time during the themed weekend and we are all looking forward to the start of the next leg of Sarah’s journey, which we will follow with great interest.”