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Stamford School Boys Win Politics Competition

 Stamford Endowed Schools launched their first Politics Essay Competition in conjunction with the East Midlands Politics Group for sixth form students. Year 12 students had to discuss the following statement in their essays, “The experience of the coalition since 2010 has been a resounding success.” And Year 13 discussed the question “Did Obama win or did Romney lose the 2012 election?”

The winners of the competition were James Dodworth from Y12 and James Leake from Y13. The two essays will be submitted on behalf of the Stamford Endowed Schools to a regional competition, judged by Nottingham University, and the boys will find out their results after Easter.

Liz Salt, Head of Politics at the Stamford Endowed Schools, said: “The quality of work in both cases was impressive and the boys displayed a sound grasp of the key issues. James Dodworth’s was particularly effective in the way he defined success and James Leake gave a very effective argument as to why Obama won regardless of Romney’s efforts.  I enjoyed reading them both.”