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Stamford School Boys Take on Eco-Engineering Challenge

Stamford Schools' Eco-EngineersA team of four students from Stamford School have been working together on a six month engineering project, with the aim of providing a solution to the task of ‘powering a set of lights using an eco-source of energy’. Will Joyce, Robin Virgo, Sam Andrew, and Sean Perry built a fully functional vertical axis wind turbine in response to the challenge set by Cummins.  

This opportunity was provided by the national Engineering Education Scheme, to which schools across the country can subscribe. On Wednesday 21st April they travelled to Loughborough University to present their solution to a board of executive engineers. They were accompanied by Mr Jordan and Mr Erskine, members of the school staff, and two engineers from Cummins, who have helped them through the project. 

The day was full of praise for the boys as the engineers listened to them present their solution and asked questions on the thirty page report which had been produced. At the end of the day the boys were chosen to present their idea to all the schools which were at the event. The presentation was so impressive that the boys received a standing ovation for their efforts. They demonstrated the model using a leaf blower.

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