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Students showcase their projects at Science Festival

 schools zone cambridge sceince Students from Stamford High School attended ‘Schools Zone’ at the Cambridge Science Festival, where they presented their independent projects to members of the public.

Year 9 students Naomi Ticehurst and Emily Watt explained their reasons for investigating different aspects of woodlice behaviour; these ranged from exposing them to the classic conditions of light intensity and moisture, to the less obvious tests on sensitivity to deodorants and different types of music. The rationale was to investigate all aspects of a woodlouse sensory system, and although entertaining, there was little discrimination between a woodlouse response to heavy metal and a Spanish song!

Year 12 students, Molly Mitchell, Megan Komoto and Rachael Allan also presented to the public. The girls have recently begun an investigation into the effectiveness of different antibacterial surface cleaners; looking at their successes in destroying two common types of bacteria. They are also considering whether surfaces and individuals can be too sanitised, investigating the link between lack of exposure to foreign antigens and the development of allergies.

Head of Biology at Stamford High School, Anne Johnstone, said: 'The girls were a real credit to the school and spoke with confidence to members of the public ranging from 3 year olds to retired professors.'