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Pupils challenged by Extreme Physics Competition

 extreme physics competitionDuring the Easter Holidays four Stamford High School girls took part in an Extreme Physics Competition held at Rugby School. The Extreme Physics Events are organised by the Institute of Physics and are designed to stimulate interest and enthusiasm in Physics. The competition involved twelve different schools from around the Midlands and this year Stamford High School was represented by Jasmine Farrow, Katy Lumb, Colette Russell and Maddy Young, all from Year 10.

The contest comprises a series of challenges. Firstly, the participants were asked to design and build a device capable of timing exactly one minute. Then they devised and tested a method for establishing the mass of an object, suitable for use in space where there is no gravity. They also experienced first-hand the physics of terminal velocity at a nearby indoor skydiving facility.

 extreme physics compIn addition, the teams were able to attend lectures from visiting experts. They heard about fusion power from Melanie Windrush, Imperial College and about ‘The Physics of Less Lethal Weapons’ from forensic physicist David Wilkinson, visiting fellow of NTU.

The Stamford High School team finished the contest in fourth place, a mere two points behind the winners. They won rosettes for achievement in the different challenges as well as for their teamwork and creativity.

Physics teacher at Stamford High School, Anne Wenban, said: “The girls did really well, particularly with the journal work. The participants were required to evaluate all the experiments they did as well as analyse excerpts from scientific journals. Of the 46 journals submitted the top four were from Stamford High School and Jasmine won the prize for the very best journal. Well done to all the girls.”