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Language Students Explore International Breakfasts

 Year 8 pupils at Stamford School enjoyed two culinary events, a Russian and a German breakfast. Both subjects are taught from Year 8 and give the students an insight into the German and Russian culture as well as the basics of each language. Offering some typical food gave the boys a real flavour of what people in German and Russian speaking countries eat, rather than simply talking about it in class.

The German breakfast consisted of bread rolls with cheese and salami, a slice of marble cake and apple juice. For the Russian breakfast the boys had some blini with cream cheese and smoked salmon and some typical Russian biscuits. These were ‘Pryaniki’, a type of ginger bread, and ‘Sushki’, bread like dry biscuits. The boys enjoyed both events and welcomed the fact that they had the chance to try some foods that they had not eaten before or are not easily available to them.

Modern Foreign Languages Teacher, Annette Chauvaux, said: “I am delighted with the boys’ response to both events. It took language learning out of the classroom and enhanced the students’ experience of modern foreign languages.”