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Drama Students Perform - 'In the Company of Wolves'

 As part of their A2 coursework, Y13 Drama and Theatre Studies students performed their devised piece at Stamford Corn Exchange.

The students were seeking to explore the following questions: Does freewill actually exist? Are we really in charge of our own destinies, or are we shaped by generations of mythology, storytelling and superstition? To what extent do religious figures, politicians and even fictional characters inform the beliefs we have and the principles we live by?

Their piece, In the Company of Wolves, aimed to draw parallels between childhood fairy tales and the way governments and religious institutions seek to gather a following, instilling that following with opinions and values that inform our actions.


Rachael Cawte     Gretel, Jane, Little Red Riding Hood, Chorus
Thomas Johnson  The Wolf, SS Officer, Sadaam Hussein, Chorus
Oliver Nicholls     Storyteller, Chorus
Jack Palfreeman  Hansel, John, Chorus
Harry Rogers       Control, Hitler, Jesus, Tony Blair, Compere, Chorus
Harriet Spark       Mother, Grandmother, Chorus