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Y5 Enjoy the Tudor Life at Burghley!

 tudor day at burghleyY5 children from Stamford Junior School enjoyed a trip to Burghley House and gardens where they spent the day dressed up as Tudors.

The day started in the education centre with a visit to the Doctor - Dr Mort - a Tudor doctor, who joined the children after having visited a plague sufferer! Dr Mort proceeded to introduce them to all sorts of interesting, unusual, bizarre (and completely useless) treatments and ‘cures’ for illnesses during Tudor times. Most were based upon the teachings of a Greek, two thousand years earlier.

The children were then taken on a guided tour of the house itself, where they learnt about the fascinating life of the largest room in the house – the kitchen- as well as the history, décor, artists, and stories of this Elizabethan estate. This was followed by a ‘booking’ at the Tudor dining table, where even more was discovered about the hierarchy of the table and the menu afforded to a Tudor, depending upon their social status. The children were extremely keen and curious, asking very pertinent questions. The day also included a visit to the Sculpture gardens and the Garden of surprises.

Fiona Sampson, Class Teacher at the Junior School, said: “All in all, everyone had a terrific day and members of the public remarked on how well the children behaved and how super they looked in their Tudor costumes!”