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Scholar’s Society Inspires Stamford School Boys

 Stamford School launched its Scholars’ Society at the start of the academic year to promote scholarships and provide enrichment opportunities for the students. As we are reaching the end of the year, the Scholars’ are celebrating some tremendous achievements from Y7 up to sixth form.

The Scholar’s Society has enabled students to take part in a wide range of exciting academic pursuits such as national competitions, trips to iconic academic institutions such as Gladstone’s Library, as well as a documentary film project. Last week, a group of Y10s visited the Coca-Cola Enterprises site at Hemswell: the largest, most technologically advanced plastic bottle recycling centre in the world. The students had the opportunity to tour the site and learn about environmental responsibility and sustainability within Trans National Companies.

Emma Calvert, Head of Stamford School Scholars’ Society, said: “It is our aim to imbed in the school a culture where being a scholar and scholarship is aspirational for all.  By encouraging students to work beyond the syllabus and participate in a wide range of academic enrichment activities, we hope to instil in them a sense of intellectual curiosity that exists far beyond the confines of the classroom and continues with them into adulthood.”

Next year, the Scholars’ Society will continue to offer activities and trips to inspire and engage Stamford School students, starting with a trip to the National Space Centre for Y7 scholars in the Autumn term.