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Year 9 Experience WWI Trenches

WW1 trench stamford historyMr Stamp organised a special treat for Stamford School and Stamford High School Year 9 students about WWI, which they have been studying for the past couple of months. The students enjoyed interactive sessions about WWI with both an outside speaker and our own Sixth Formers. The founder of the company ‘Up an’ at ‘em! which specialises in hands on history talks, Jed Jaggard, came into school with his recreated WWI Trench. The boys and girls were able to look at trenches from both the Allied and the German aspects as well as handling artefacts from the war. Jed explained many aspects of Trench life to the students allowing them to have a greater understanding of what life would have been like for the soldiers. They learnt about the weapons that were used, the evolution of the helmets and how uncomfortable the uniforms were. We also had Sixth Form led sessions where our A-level students shared their love of history as well as their knowledge with the Year 9s. They looked at the ‘Dead Man’s Penny’ and the 66 character Epitaphs that the families were allowed to write for their loved ones. The Year 9’s were then asked to redesign the ‘Penny’ for modern day and to write their own epitaphs using only the 66 characters - less than a tweet! There were some fantastic efforts from both the boys and girls with the following winning large chocolate bars as prizes: Molly Fowler, Evie Armes, Alex Timson and George Savage.