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SES Sailors in a League of their Own

 Four sailors from the Stamford Endowed Schools have shown their Olympic spirit this summer by competing in the RS Feva World Championships. Sam and Jemima Leedham, Ed Whattoff and James Rigby took part in the week long competition.

It was an excellent experience for the young sailors, as there were 180 boats that took part in the championships. The competitors came from across the world including the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and New Zealand. In the first couple of days, the boats were divided into three fleets of sixty by qualifying races.  The Stamford boats all ended up in the Bronze fleet though they had a good start being within a few places of silver at the end of the first day. In the end, Sam and Jemima came 25th and Ed and James 37th.

The sailors were delighted with their results as they were nervous about entering the event in the first place, thinking it might be ‘out of their league.’ The highlight of the day was beating two Oakham boats and also experiencing coming in the first rush over the line with Sam and Jemima getting a 2nd place and Ed and James a 9th; unfortunately none of them managed to repeat it but at least they know they can do it!

Hopefully next year the team will make it into Silver position and then perhaps Gold...