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Radcliffe House Break Eight School Swimming Records

Stamford Schools' Record Breaking SwimmersOn Monday 16th March, Stamford School held its indoor swimming gala at the Stamford Junior School pool. The event itself was organized by Garry Mitchell (Head of P.E) and over 40 boys competed in the gala. Of particular note however, was the breaking of eight school swimming records in the one gala by a group of five boys all from Radcliffe House. These records include some which had stood for over a decade and were originally set by boys who represented Great Britain at swimming.

Although not a record in itself, they also managed to record relay times faster than those posted by the quickest senior boys (yr12/13); all the more impressive as the team is made of up of boys solely from Year 10 and 11. 

The boys in the photo, running left to right, are: Thomas Taylor, Thomas Horkavi, Oliver Perkins, Zac Pywell, Peter Vandermyde.