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Foundation & Alumni

Old Stamfordian Club


The Old Stamfordian Club, founded in 1889, exists to support the large network of Stamford School Old Boys and to keep the Stamford spirit alive once boys have left School.

The Club is extremely active and offers the opportunity for members of all ages to stay in touch with friends through the internet and newsletters, sports events, dinners and reunions.

The Old Stamfordian Club:

  • delivers news and events for Old Stamfordians
  • helps OS stay in touch with each other
  • helps OS make return visits to Stamford School
  • supports Stamford School and its pupils (current and former)

If you have lost contact with the School and the Old Stamfordian Club we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email our Membership Secretary, Alan Hancock (OS 80):

More information about the Club and its activities can be found on the following pages.

Floreat Schola Stamfordiensis


The Old Stamfordian Club Commitment to members

The Old Stamfordian Club and SHS Old Girls’ Guild have an obligation to act to the benefit of their memberships and as such these policies are intended as guidance to the commitment that the Clubs have to their ongoing aims: engagement, growth and development.

We support our members

  • We provide news and events for members of their respective Club to benefit the Clubs as a whole
  • We act in the interests of our members: for the growth, development and ongoing engagement of its membership.

We are professional and personal

  • We are committed to maintaining high standards of accuracy in information sent to our members
  • We are committed to keeping members in touch with their community and the wider community of the SES Alumni Network and Stamford Endowed Schools.

We are respectful and fair

  • We are committed to making our policies and objectives available to our members
  • We are respectful of privacy
  • We are committed to maintaining accuracy and propriety with information given to the Clubs
  • We are committed to keeping data safe and processing it in line with the Privacy Statement of the Schools.

We are responsible and accountable

  • The Stamford Endowed Schools’ Alumni Network is committed to aligning itself with the regulations set in the General Data Protection Regulations (2018)
  • We have a complaints procedure which can be made available upon request
  • In the event the Schools and/or Clubs cannot resolve a complaint, we accept the authority of the ICO to make a final adjudication.


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