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Stamford School

Academic Information

We structure our curriculum to meet the following aims and objectives:

To further the intellectual, creative, aesthetic, practical, moral, spiritual, physical and social development of all pupils.

To enable pupils to acquire the skills and qualifications which will allow them to progress beyond school into higher education and/or employment.

The curriculum at SES aims to:

  • ensure that pupils gain a broad base of knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • provide a balance between the abstract and the practical, the traditional and the more modern, and the formal and the intuitive;
  • enable a smooth progression in pupil learning across the 11-18 age range;
  • enable a smooth transfer between schools when pupils join or leave the school;
  • allow pupil choice where appropriate;
  • provide interest and challenge in order to foster the pupils’ enjoyment of learning;
  • support a variety of teaching styles and approaches;
  • provide opportunities for differentiation so that all pupils meet work which makes appropriate demands of them;
  • allow pupils to maximise their potential;
  • promote the pupils’ development towards independent, life-long learning;
  • encourage the pupils’ interest in, and provide experience of, the world of work.


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