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Activities and Expectations

boarders activities stamfordThe daily routine of each House allows students adequate free time. Boarders have access to a range of activities both within the House and those organised by each school. We aim to offer a variety of reasonably priced outings at weekends, usually on a Sunday, which are included in the fees for Full Boarders. Other boarders may join these trips, the charge for which will be added to the end of term account. There is a programme of Saturday morning activities organised.

Boarders are also given age appropriate access to newspapers, television, Internet and email in accordance with the Schools’ policy. Promoting positive behaviour and relationships.

One of the major benefits of living in a boarding community, is that values of tolerance and understanding of the needs of others are well developed, preparing our boarders well for their personal and working adult life.

Each House will have its own expectations and code of conduct that is appropriately age and gender related. These can be found in the respective House handbooks.

Boarding Expectations

The aims of the Boarding expectations are:

  • To provide a framework for happy and peaceful communal living, within which students can develop their individuality and tolerance of the needs of others
  • To allow students to develop increasing responsibility for themselves as they progress through the different stages of boarding
  • To ensure the safety and security of the students

Sanctions are imposed when students fail to meet the Expectations. These sanctions are:

  • Clearly explained and displayed
  • Commensurate with the transgression
  • Uniformly and consistently imposed by all the Boarding staff
  • Aimed at providing the student with the opportunity to consider the full implications of their failure to meet expectations

General Guidelines 

Students are expected to:

  • Behave with consideration for others (staff and pupils) and their property at all times
  • Comply with the routines and procedures of their Boarding House
  • Play their part in ensuring the safety and security of all in the Boarding House
  • To raise issues of concern through the appropriate channels


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