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All-Rounder Scholarships

What are the benefits of becoming an All-rounder Scholar?

all-rounder scholarship, stamfordAt Stamford Endowed Schools, all Scholars can look forward to participating in the Scholars Programme, will be recognised as a Scholar and have his/her name included on the Scholars List.  All-rounder Scholars will specifically benefit from;

  • development of their academic potential through attendance of, for example, the Scholars’ Society
  • support in developing their other talents
  • liaising with external agencies if the scholar is pursuing activities which the Stamford Endowed Schools do not offer in order to ensure that clashes between the delivery of our curriculum and the activity are minimised

How do I apply?

Once your child is registered for entry to the Stamford Endowed Schools, you should complete the All-rounder Scholarship Application, available from the Schools’ Admissions Office. This should be returned, with a full CV (see below), before the deadline for application. 

We welcome any questions so please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions office.


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