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Boarders’ Support

Boarders have a wide choice of staff to whom they can turn for personal guidance or for help with a personal problem. It is hoped that the ethos of the Boarding Houses enables students to voice and discuss any concerns or problems openly with any of the House staff.

In addition the Heads of each School are available to boarders as for all students in their school.

Boarders also have direct access to the Heads of Boarding, who are independent of the Houses and specifically available to Boarders before school and often late afternoon, as well as throughout the day.

The pastoral structures of the schools offer open access to any of the teaching staff, as well as the school nurses and matrons, whom the students may visit with medical problems, but who also lend a listening ear.

The telephone numbers of an independent listener are also available to the students, as well as confidential access to the School Doctors, who hold regular surgeries at the schools. How to raise matters of concern as well as the telephone numbers of the Children’s Commissioner. Childline and other helplines/ information and advice centres are displayed in all boarding houses. If necessary, confidential meetings with outside counsellors can also be arranged. The Boarders’ handbooks and/or the “Worries and Concerns” leaflet (see appendix) also give advice.


All Boarders have the right to privacy. Staff and Boarders are expected to respect the private space and property of others, and should always knock when visiting dorms.

Private telephone conversations should not be disrupted, neither should mail be opened by anyone other than the addressee.


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