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Channels of Communication

communications boarding Listening to Boarders' Views 

All boarders are encouraged to raise any concerns they have directly with Boarding staff at the earliest opportunity, so that matters can be discussed and addressed as swiftly as possible.

Each House also organises more formal opportunities, generally through House councils and
meetings, where all Boarders are encouraged to express their views and make suggestions on how boarding provision can be improved, as well as to raise matters of concern. Details of how the canvassing and expression of views are organised within the separate Houses are included in the individual House handbooks.

Matters raised are discussed as appropriate by staff and decisions/responses fed back to Boarders. Any suggestions and opinions raised are given serious consideration, and are responded to.

Communication for Parents

All staff at the Stamford Endowed Schools aim to work closely with parents to ensure that their children reach their potential both in personal development and academic achievement.

We recognise the particular needs of parents of boarding students to be kept closely informed of the welfare and academic progress of their children.

Telephone numbers and email addresses of all staff involved in boarding are supplied to parents and every effort is made to keep parents informed by their preferred means of communication.

House emails and voicemail are checked at regular intervals, and parents can contact the school directly during the working day. Parents should feel able to contact any of the staff involved with boarding as they wish.

At Stamford High School discrete Parents evenings are arranged on the Friday afternoons of half-terms and exeat weekends, so that parents unable to attend regular consultation evenings can meet subject staff.

Individual arrangements can be made at Stamford School and Stamford Junior School for any parent unable to attend parents’ evenings.


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