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Stamford School

Classical Civilisation

GCSE Classical Civilisation offers an insight into the culture, history and literature of the ancient world. The course invites an interesting and varied approach to the understanding of ancient society and requires the boys to develop both their historical and literary skills. This two-year GCSE course requires no previous knowledge of the subject, although most pupils who opt for it have studied Classics or Latin in Y9. Classical Civilisation covers both Roman and Greek civilisation, and embraces topics both of a factual nature and literature in translation.

The Classics trip to Greece or Italy is one of the departmental highlights. Boys currently in Y9 would be offered the opportunity to participate in our proposed venture to Italy, taking in Pompeii and Rome, over Easter 2015 during their Y10 studies. Classics pupils are encouraged to broaden their Classical education on a trip such as this.


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