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Stamford Junior School

Co-curricular Activities

extra-curricular sjs.jpgOur children enjoy a wealth of co-curricular activities during lunch hours, after school and at weekends. Activities include music such as choirs, preparation for orchestra and chamber groups, reflecting individual and group strengths.

Sporting clubs at different levels include swimming, rugby, soccer, netball, hockey, cross-country, dance, athletics, gymnastics and many more.

Children can join Chess Club from Year 2 onwards and this very popular club produces many county players and the children also enjoy playing competitions within school.

Green fingered children enjoy planting and digging in the Gardening Club plot and eating the produce! They take great pride in planting up the spring and summer tub displays and are developing an environmental area.

Year 6 children use nearby High School facilities to create culinary masterpieces, which they always agree are delicious.

Art Club, firing children’s imaginations, allows them to explore and develop existing skills and express themselves artistically. It is very popular with all children from Year 3 upwards.

A full list of activities is available to parents via our co-curricular system.


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