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Stamford School

Co-curricular Activities

The Schools are committed to a wide and broad-based activity programme. A number of activities take place during lunch times and after school. However, it is at the weekend that the Schools seek to provide an extended activity programme. On Saturday mornings, there are formally organised activities across the whole age range from the age of eight. Activities vary according to the pupil's interest and available expertise. Recently, over 80 different activities have been offered and these have been as diverse as badminton, bridge, sailing, golf, and driving for 16-year-olds.

The Schools also seek to provide an experience that extends the expertise of all our pupils. There is an extensive inter-school games programme. There are plays and musicals put on for all age groups. In music there are orchestras and bands from the Junior School upwards; nearly one-third of our pupils participate in individual music lessons.

For those who are keen on outdoor activity, we have a thriving Combined Cadet Force, which has all three sections, and our Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme helps nurture our pupils through to about 40 Gold Awards per year. We also encourage a contribution to the localcommunity, with our students giving a vast amount of time to volunteer and charity work.

A full list of activities is available to parents via our Co-curricular system.


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