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Stamford School

Communicating with Parents

We are committed to ensuring a high level of communication with parents, so that they are kept informed of the many events and activities at the Schools.  Information is disseminated in a variety of formats, both offline and online, to make keeping up-to-date as simple and direct as possible. Please see below for all of our sources of communication:


Termly newsletter –This provides a summary of the main SES news at the end of each term.
Please click here to download our latest newsletter.


Every Thursday a digest will be issued by each School containing important news and information. Both of these are delivered directly to your email address.

Website news

You can subscribe to receive news items from the website by setting up an RSS feed to your home inbox. Scroll to the bottom of any news story on the website for information on setting this up.


SES Facebook Page – Daily updates of what’s going on around the schools including photos from events and trips as well as pupil achievement stories.


@SpedeNews - The Official Stamford Endowed Schools twitter account sharing news and events from across the schools. 

@PrincipalsDesk – The Principal of the Stamford Endowed Schools, Mr Will Phelan shares news about the Schools and communicates with parents/students about a broader range of educational issues.

@Stamford_Head –The Head of Stamford School, Nick Gallop, tweets daily updates and news from the School.

@SHS_Head – The Head of Stamford High School, Vicky Buckman, tweets daily updates and news from Stamford High School. 

@SJS_Head – The Head of Stamford Junior School, Emma Smith, tweets daily updates and news from Stamford Junior School.

A list of other accounts run by departments, clubs and individuals be found below

Other SES Accounts


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