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Stamford High School

Design and Technology (Textiles Technology)

This creative and exciting GCSE course brings a good balance of practical, design and theory work.

During Y10, students have the opportunity to embark on two small projects focusing on developing their decorative techniques and construction skills. As well as these projects, students are taught the theory side of the syllabus in preparation for the written exam at the end of the course. The lessons are divided almost equally between the practical and theory elements.

In Y11, theory lessons continue, but practical lessons are devoted to the student’s individual coursework projects. The exam board send a wide selection of Design Tasks for pupils to choose from; these are often open ended, enabling girls to incorporate some of their own interests.

Examples of practical items which are often chosen include: evening wear, children’s clothing, a range of cushions, wall hangings, bags and accessories, soft furnishings.


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