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Drugs Policy 

(a summary)

SES recognises that the pressures on young people to experiment with, or conform to, the use of drugs including alcohol, in their social and personal lives outside school time, are considerable and increasing.

SES recognises its responsibility to educate its students, according to age, so that they can make informed choices about their own life-styles.

SES does not condone the misuse of legal drugs nor the use of illegal drugs by students, or the supply of such drugs.

Under no circumstances are tobacco, alcohol and illegal substances permitted in the Boarding Houses. Whilst in the care of the Schools Boarders are subject at all times to the policies regarding smoking, drinking alcohol and the misuse of illegal substances, and should expect action to be taken if these policies are infringed.

Boarders are not allowed to smoke. Students, including those over 18, are not allowed to consume alcohol, unless the consumption of alcohol is appropriate to the occasion and agreement has been given by a senior member of staff. (In all cases where this involves a student consuming alcohol under the legal age agreement of the parent/guardian must have been gained)


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