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 What is there to do in the evening?

A. We can do all there is to do at home and loads more, but best of all with our friends! We can watch TV and DVDs, play on the computer, swim in the pool, play games or just chill out. We also go out every Sunday for activities like bowling

Q. Does everyone have to fight for the shower in the mornings?

A. No, because there are plenty of showers so there’s always one free.

Q. Are you allowed out of the house?

A. Yes! Everyone gets to go into town but timings are different depending on which year you are in, but it is fair. Also, we can visit our friends; we just have to get permission from our parents. We also go out every Sunday: bowling, ice-skating, cinema, shopping, archery, pottery painting.

Q. How do you decide on dorms?

A. We can have a say on who to share with, but, if it doesn’t work out, then our houseparents will help us sort it out or they decide.

Q. Do you have to have your own laptop to go on the internet?

A. No, you don’t have to have your own laptop because we have a computer room which provides all the ICT we need, but if you do, you connect by wi-fi.

Q. Do you like boarding?

A. Yes, I do. I’ve made great new friends other than just people in my form and we have fun every day. We have a quiet environment to study and lots of prep time in the evenings, which still leaves us plenty of free time each day.

Q Do the house staff support you with your work?

A. Yes, they are very helpful if you’re stuck and give you a lot of their time if you have a problem.

Q. Do you stay during half terms?

A. No, we spend those at home with our parents or guardians.

Q. Do you miss home?

A. Yes, sometimes, but everyone in the House understands and, actually, I look forward to coming back to school and seeing my friends.


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