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Stamford School


 Fencing is an Olympic sport which requires the utmost focus, involving the whole body and mind in order to win. It is an excellent sport for developing individuals’ coordination, balance, speed and problem solving skills, building physical fitness and character.

Fencing is based at Stamford School in the Gym, but is open to boys and girls from Y7 upwards. Pupils may begin fencing at any point in their school career, in sessions on Tuesdays after school and on Saturday mornings. No previous experience is required, although pupils who have fenced elsewhere are very welcome.

Most pupils start fencing with the foil. Full kit is provided for beginners, although advanced students may wish to purchase their own equipment.

The Schools’ Reendowment Fund recently provided substantial funds for the purchase of a new 3-weapon box and electric foils and epees, which are the main weapons fenced.  Sabreurs are also welcome.

Our students have mainly competed in internal competitions, although a small number are preparing for public competitions. Just before Easter, Stamford School’s Year 9 boys had their first fencing match in many years, against Uppingham School. It is hoped that this will be the first of many to come.

Full instruction is given for all levels of ability by Mr Gantry, who is a qualified fencing coach.


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