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Foundation & Alumni

Foundation Card

The Foundation Card is a discount card which provides Cardholders with an exclusive set of discounts and special offers that may be used every time they visit almost 100 businesses in the Stamford area.
It is available to anyone.

Cardholders pay a minimum of £10 per month to participate in the programme, but as the discounts soon add up we encourage all Cardholders to give more if they can.
All funds raised are used by the Stamford Endowed Schools’ Foundation (a registered charity) to provide fully or partially assisted places at the Schools for local children who would not otherwise have the financial means to attend.

Everyone wins with the Foundation Card:

  • Cardholders benefit from exclusive discounts and special offers from local businesses
  • Participating businesses are promoted by the Schools and gain a new route to market
  • The SES Foundation raises funds to provide means-tested places at the Schools for local children

Helping children and saving you money

Almost 100 shops, restaurants, services, hotels, attractions and clubs in the Stamford area are offering great discounts and special offers to those contributing a monthly donation to the Foundation. By donating at least £10 a month for a minimum of twelve months, you will receive up to two personalised Foundation Cards, giving you and another member of your household access to great deals with the businesses listed on this website. Your cards will be renewed for subsequent years if you keep your donation in place. 

Why it is important

We strongly believe that our Schools excel at equipping young people with the qualifications, values and breadth of experience they will need to succeed in life. We have a long history of inclusivity, with students from a range of backgrounds learning together as part of a cohesive community. The Stamford Endowed Schools’ Foundation helps to preserve this unique aspect of our Schools by providing a fund for means-tested bursaries which are:

  • available for children in Stamford and the local area
  • only for the benefit of families with a genuine need
  • matched by the Schools’ Governors

We want bright children from all backgrounds to have access to a Stamford Endowed Schools’ education, and we hope you will support us in making this possible by applying for your Foundation Card today and donating as generously as possible.


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